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The institute is founded with the sole purpose of inculcating the LOVE FOR KNOWLEDGE,which is sorely missing in the current education scenario.It is our firm belief that the difference between what this world class a "brilliant" student and a "weak" student is always a deficiency in confidence, passion and concept. We endeavour to bridge this gap and transform these students. We also believe that the purpose of eductaion is not merely to earn livelihoods rather the acquisition of knowledge is an end in itself.Knowledge is happiness and we want our students to realize this quite early in life.

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Our faculty gives undivided and focused attention to each student, clarifying their doubts and honing their inherent capacity to master each subject. Every other service in terms of seminars and lectures, and the faculty that we have on board, is focused on ensuring that learning becomes a joyful and invigorating process for each individual student.

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Our focus is on helping students polish the intellect that they already possess, by creating for them an environment conducive to learning


We provide practical and step-by-step techniques, exposing students to methods of approaching competitive examinations confidently

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In this rapidly changing era, children and teenagers not only face challenges from their studies and fast-paced living, but also adjust to changes in family structure and interpersonal relationship. In this regard, many schools have placed great effort on guidance and discipline work to facilitate the all-round development of students. Effective student guidance and discipline services can increase the sense of belonging of students in schools, develop their problem-solving skills and help them make appropriate decisions as responsible persons.


He is disciple of the principles of MKC. A staunch disciplinarian. A forth righteous dedicated coach. The enterprise and master of the thriving, `MK Coaching Classes`. All those associated with a pass of life called tuition is familiar with the name and through to be part of this coaching class. Not because the cable showed their cast on TV, nor because they were lured by discounts and not in the least because they were promised merits and rank but only because of `MK sir`.